Coaching for Leaders, Executives & Entrepreneurs

About Nichols Breakthrough Coaching

My name is Ryan Nichols. Welcome to NBC – my business coaching practice for entrepreneurs.

I am a skilled business coach and success strategist with a strong reputation for getting results.  I use a variety of skills and tools that I have acquired to help entrepreneurs make dramatic shifts in their professional life.

Who Are You?

More of what you want, or less of what you don’t?

We all have aspects of our professional life that are going well, and then areas that are going…perhaps less than well. What shift would you like to make happen today in your business or company?

Maybe you could use a little more productivity.  Or perhaps a little more confidence and success. How about more income with less stress?

What Can I Change?

What is a business coach and how does it work?

Business coach, success coach, executive coach, life coach…  These days there are as many types of coaches as there are styles of coaching. What matters most is not the label or title of your coach, but the results they can help you achieve.

Curious about how the coaching process works, and how it can help you? Get your questions answered.

Enlighten Me

How about a Free Consultation?

Not sure if business coaching can help you? Great!  Please ask. I am very happy to answer your questions and discuss how I can help you break through whatever professional barriers you might be up against.

Please contact me and we’ll go from there.  No sell-job, no obligation, no strings attached. The worst that can happen is you learn something!

You had me at ‘Hello’

  • I’m feeling more in control and on top of my business & life and confident that I will meet my sales goal next year.   –O.W.

  • Thank you so much for all that you have done in even a short amount of time! –B.G.

  • I appreciate how you have the ability to make what I've perceived "a big deal" bite size and manageable! And you have helped me further ingrain in my mind that all change can truly happen in a heartbeat! –C.W.

  • I really like the progress we've made and the greater sense of control & sense that I am refining my business piece by piece.   –P.D.

  • I am enjoying the energy you bring to the call, and that you’re calling me out on limiting beliefs and language patterns. –E.N.

  • I am making huge progress on my goals!   –C.M.

  • Our coaching consistently challenges me to explore outside my comfort zone. Ryan is awesome to work with.   –S.E.

  • It’s good to have a weekly check in with myself and someone else who is honest with me.  –K.Q.

  • I'm impressed - getting me to think more about the big picture was almost a weight lifted off my shoulders.  –K.F.

  • Ryan’s bringing in new ideas on how to handle issues within my team.  –L.C.

  • I’m enjoying the action steps and learning that is taking place!  –N.I.

  • I like your easy manner of relating, coupled with the clarity you bring. I also like your ability to take more complex concepts and make them both simple and actionable. –M.C.

  • Our calls are reinforcing the actions I need to take, helping to narrow my focus, and are providing accountability.  –S.U.

  • I am beginning to see myself and my patterns more and more as I advance in different areas.  –M.C.

  • I appreciate the straight honest approach. No BS & genuine ability of being present to help me.   –K.L.

  • I enjoy the weekly calls. Ryan has a good handle on giving me new attitudes and tasks that are effectively helping me improve my ways.  –U.O.

  • I didn't know that the time we spend on issues would be so effective. I like it being so concise. Thank you very much!   –C.K.

  • Ryan is "real" and expresses clear directions. I have confidence that I have the right coach, and that he is there to help me.  –K.T.

  • You know that the things that I want to focus on aren't necessarily the problems that are making my life miserable. Ryan, you're golden on this! Thank you!   –L.B.

  • I enjoy being kept on track and being challenged to do more with more productive tools.   –U.T.

  • The best part is the straightforward, honest feedback & direct communication – it’s probing & pushing me to think.   –K.L.

  • As a result of my coaching, I'm taking massive actions - whereas in the past I would have to-do lists but constantly procrastinate because no one held me accountable. –O.H.

  • I know that I will get professional advice each call that will help me move forward and be more productive in my business. –K.B.

  • I enjoy the coaching and Ryan’s straight-forwardness. Time is the one thing I need more of, and he is prompt and keeps us moving.   –M.D.

  • I appreciate how you helped me gain clarity on my outcomes and purpose.    –E.F.

  • I’m gaining more techniques to be a better manager!   –T.T.

  • I like the accountability, which forces me to get things done!  –C.W.

  • On the call you're hearing insights that I'm not getting otherwise. You're putting new things in front of me and helping me see things.  –L.W.